Hotel Pałac Ossolińskich Conference & SPA


The oldest information about Sterdyń comes from 1446 year. The very first reported owner was Piotr Kiszka of Oakwood Forest's family crest after whom his son, Mikolaj has inherited the property along with Ciechanowiec. Sterdynians goods were ruled by Kiszków's family until 1622.

In 1673 Zbigniew Ossoliński, the next fortune owner gave the estate to his son, Jerry the nurski's ensign. Jerry's governance left for 15 years and provided stability in Sterdyń. At that time the Palace was thoroughly redeveloped in baroque style. The last from Ossoliński's family member, Stanislaw, had finished the Church's building, redeveloped Palace in a classical taste and contributed in the new spatial moulding of Sterdinian's residency.

In 1809 his daughter Emily married Joseph Wawrzyniec-Krasiński from Ślepowron's family crest.

Jacob Kubicki used to visit Krasiński's house, at that time was known as a valued architect, who was proposed to redevelop the Sterdynian's Palace. Kubicki, the famous student of Dominic Merlini (the architect of Łazienki Park in Warsaw, who adjusted his masters solutions). In 1847 after Joseph's death, the exclusive owner of the property became Pauline from Krasiński'es family, who was the wife of Luie Górski from Bożawola's family crest. Luie Górski was an extraordinary man amid the earthmans at that time. As he was against the feudal service, he brought the labor payment and conduted one of the very first land improvements. Luie Górski was unofficial liaison officer of Catolic Church in connection with popes Pius IX, Lein XIII and Pius X in Polish Kingdom. Not surprising is the fact that Górski's Palace in Warsaw at Foksal 8 St was called “Polish Vatican”. Under Luie Górski's ruling, Sterdyń had been experiencing the biggest prime.

Until 1944 year, the Krasiński's family had owned the property. After war in Palace there were gymnasium and next – Health Centre. In one of nowadays apartments Childbirth Chamber was functioning. That is why a lot of Sterdynian's denizens states that Childbirth Chamber is their place of birth.


OssilińskiPalace is placed in Bug's oxbow. Renovated buildings with adjacent Park in an English style and ponds full of fishes delight our Guests and the interiors of the Complex with preserved original vibe are great complement. With true pietism an eighteenth-century polychrome in representatives halls have been retraced. Guests may admire seminars and banquet halls, clubhouse living room and restaurant, where old oak's butleries have been preserved. A quiet Meadery in Palace's underground can be found, from where a delighted aroma of tastful tipples can be felt. May be said – it is the land of milk and honey.

Apartments and hotel rooms are placed inside Palace and clingy Annexes, inside where a spacious salon with fireplace is situated. In the undergrounds Guests may find fancy Pub and unique SPA.

Being accomodated in renovated Granary near Palace is also possible, where 37 rooms are available along with a tavern with enormous furnace in cellars. The building with stained glass-work and original wooden beams are kept in folk's spirit. Latterly the Complex has been improved by the new Hotel's building called “Czworaki”, where 65 rooms has been adjusted to living with a crystal hall as well. We strive to meet with our Guests' expectations by organising more and more new and interesting amusements. We deeply believe that served atractions, luxury conditions and proficient service will encourage our Guests to visit us again.