Hotel Pałac Ossolińskich Conference & SPA

A place with 300 years of history

We are pleased to invite you to Hotel & SPA Ossoliński Palace – the place with 300 years of history. Renovated with devotion and adapted to be a professional Conference Centre with stylish accommodation. Lovely XVII aged Palace is situated in charming village of Sterdyń, which is about 100 km from Warsaw and Bialystok, in ecological neighborhood of Bug Landscape Park and scenic Bug's oxbow.

Surrounded by 12 hectares of English style park the Complex consist of Palace, two fashionable Annexes, 'Czworaki' (a foursome buildings where domestic staff used to live), Old-Polish Granary and the Arbour at Palace's ponds, which in total may welcome 280 Guests. We have more than 15 years of experience in planning and organizing conferences, training's, seminars, team building events, auctions, glamorous banquets and occasional events. The Hotel & SPA Ossoliński Palace is a remarkable place, where the history's gasp, great atmosphere, excellent service and delicious cuisine are met. Every visitor can find here their favorite place, where a part of the soul may be left.

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300Years of history